The regrowth of willows – a photo story


Harvested willow tree strips at site Mariensee

Woodchips from willow for energy production

Resprouting of willow from the stumps in next spring


In january 2016, at our agroforestry site in Mariensee, all the tree strips were harvested.

Lots of woodchips were produced and used for thermal energy production.

In spring, the tree stumps showed the first tender shoots.

Insects attacking the fresh shoots of willow

Fresh tender shoots of willow, having survived the pest attack

Willow regrowth from shoots at end of vegetation period

But there were hundreds of hungry animals attacking the fresh green.

However, the willows were stronger than the pest, and the SIGNAL staff cared well for them. Thus, at the end of the vegetation  period, the willows have generated lots of new biomass J